The Singers Workshop

Explore Marjorie’s complete vocal system using the Middle Voice Method

  • Breath Support & Control: Belly Breathing

    The first lesson gives simple and valuable instruction on the breathing technique singers need to utilize. Often called belly breathing or diaphragmatic breathing, great breath support and control is essential to creating a powerful controlled singing voice.

  • Vocal Registers: Head, Chest & Middle Voice

    Learn what your vocal registers are, how to connect your breaks and create a beautiful consistent tone through out all of your range. This lesson focuses on blending the registers and lengthening the vocal range.

  • Expanding The Range

    Lesson 4 introduces the great range expanders – the lip roll and the tongue trill. These are awesome exercises for singing higher and lower than you ever have before.

  • Middle Voice: Blend Head & Chest Voices

    Marjorie’s story of finally finding the connection between the head voice and chest voice registers. This lesson includes examples of head, chest and middle voice on the same note.

  • Understanding and Using Vibrato

    This is a simple straightforward approach to finding and taming the vibrato. Learning to control vibrato and use straight tone can really help a singer communicate a song effectively. Lesson 6 includes great exercises for vibrato and straight tone.

    Vocal Care Tips for Singers

    Practical steps to help you take care of your voice.

    Included in this lesson:

    Warm-up routines
    How much water to drink?
    Eliminating straining
    Visual clues to great singing
    Experiment and eliminate bad habits

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    • No Power

      Many singers struggle with having a weak tone and not a lot of power or volume. By connecting our singing voice to our speaking voce we can tap into a natural and strain-free full tone. Examples of how to connect speaking and singing voice. Sample practice exercise for a confident beautiful sound.

    • Stress And Strain

      Singers strain when the engage external muscles to do the work of the internal vocal folds. Signs of strain are tightening of the jaw, raising or lowering the chin and tension in the neck or chest or facial muscles

    • How To Last

      This lesson gives the singer several tips to help his or her last note sound as strong, robust and painless as the first.

    • Expanding The Vocal Range

      A consistent challenging workout that is free of stress and strain will increase range, flexibility and control. Explore uncharted territory in your vocal range with the lip roll.

    • Chest Voice Trap

      This lesson helps singers who regularly “pull-up” notes in their chest voice. It offers help and relief for singers who strain by trying to sing too high in their chest voice. This lesson gives great examples and exercises for finding the mixed voice. Singers will also hear examples of the chest and middle voice. Listen and sing these examples and you will be on your way to connecting your registers with a smooth, consistent and healthy sound.

    • Weak Head Voice

      Innovative sounds to connect you to your head voice. Tips for strengthening your head voice and working out your upper range.

    • Stuck In A "Classical Head Voice"

      Finding and using the chest voice can be new and awkward if a singer has primarily used their head voice. These tips and exercises will help you expand your range and gain power and control on the lower notes of your register.

    • Vibrato & Straight Tone

      This discussion about how and when a singer should use vibrato could quickly change the way you sing. This lesson includes the 1-2-3-4-5 exercise example on straight tone, vibrato and the combination of the two.

    • Tips For Getting Those Low Notes

      This quick little tip can help you gain a note or two in that lower register. Remember to speak it, not to force it.

    • Get Over Your Voice

      It is all about the lyrics. Learn to communicate the song and create a powerful connection with your audience.

    • Motivation To Work On Your Voice

      Your voice is guaranteed to improve with these methods and exercises. Will you make the commitment to discovering your potential?

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