We are growing! We have expanded our options for voice lessons by creating a new Beginning Voice Class, adding two terrific New Teachers and a Studio in Nashville.

Our new Beginning Voice Class  in Fairhope, AL begins on August 17 on Thursdays. Also in August Jordy and Liam Searcy will be coming on as teachers by video call (skype and face time) and at “The Beach Studio” in Nashville.

Jordy Searcy

After a stint on NBC’s The Voice in 2014, Jordy is now a full time singer/songwriter in Nashville, TN.  Jordy plays 150 shows a year, writes for other artists, is hired for session singing and playing on other artists’ albums, and has 9 years of experience coaching singers, writers, players, and artists from beginner to full-time musicians. Jordy has been familiar with Marjorie Searcy’s Middle Voice Method from the beginning, and cites it as one of the foundational techniques to his singing on The Voice, on the road, and in the studio.

“Communication is the most important thing about music-it’s the same thing whether you’re performing for 15 people or 15 million. My dream for my students is to help them find their voice, and effectively communicate their message to their community.”

Book a Lesson with Jordy: call or text @ 251.213.1427 or email @ Jordy@marjoriesearcy.com


Liam Searcy

As a musical theatre major at Belmont University, Liam Searcy is a trained classical and contemporary vocalist. His credits include a wide variety of styles from the role of Enjolras in Les Miserables to Monty in Saturday Night Fever. He has been teaching voice, drum set, and acting lessons for over three years in Marjorie Searcy’s vocal studio using her Middle Voice Method. He specializes in teaching musical theatre and pop styles and believes in using the voice as a story telling tool.

“A great vocalist takes you beyond singing and into the story.”

Book a lesson with Liam:  call or text @ 251.509.7114 or email @ Liam@marjoriesearcy.com


Introducing a New Voice Class for Beginning Singers

This class is about learning to sing.  We will cover all the basics of great vocal technique. Singers will improve breath support, tone and explore singing songs across several genres. All singers will learn at least 5 solos per semester. The class will be on Thursdays from 4:00 – 4:45 p.m.  The fee is $100 per month. (class limit is 10)

Call 251.509.2150 or email @ Marjorie@marjoriesearcy.com


Lesson Rates

Marjorie Searcy

Voice Lessons, Vocal Coaching Vocal Seminars

Weekly Students: $45/half-hour

By Appointment: $55/half-hour

Voice Class for Beginning Singers: $100 per month


Jordy Searcy

Voice, Guitar, and songwriting lessons

Video Call (Skype or FaceTime) or at

The Beach Studio in Nashville

Weekly Students: $30/half-hour

By Appointment: $35/half-hour


Liam Searcy

Voice, Acting lessons

Video Call (Skype or FaceTime) or at

The Beach Studio in Nashville:

Weekly Students: $25/half-hour

By Appointment: $30/half-hour


Payment Options

Per semester             17 lessons (one free lesson if you pay for the semester)

Per month                 Must be paid by the 5th of the month

All Skype/FaceTime lessons must be paid in advance by Paypal (info@marjoriesearcy.com) or can be billed to your credit card.