Technology has made lessons of all kinds available to folks all over the world.  Even Herbie Hancock and Christina Aguilera are now offering video lessons!  Real-time video chat lessons offer the ability to get a weekly lesson without having to leave your home.

I’m 49 years old, and I learned to play the guitar by video call this year!

I have also taught many voice lessons to singers around the country by Skype and FaceTime. It’s been useful for young singers and students and well as professionals needing a boost while they are on the road or in LA prepping for a live TV performance. It’s such a great tool for working with singers who would not otherwise have access to a teacher. I have found that the distance is not really a hindrance. Communication is great and instant! It’s a super helpful medium for improving your voice with out having to leave your home!

This year I had the chance to be on the learning end of the call.

My son is a professional singer- songwriter who lives in Nashville. He taught for years in our town and lots of folks wanted to continue with him when he moved away. I had always wanted to learn the guitar. As a professional singer, I needed the freedom and flexibility to play for myself. I never played before, and I was nervous that I would need the actual physical help of the teacher to hold the guitar or push down the strings or tune the instrument.

However,  I found that the distance really didn’t pose a problem. Jordy was patient and encouraging. He also has a great strategy for teaching over video, so I never really felt hindered by the screen.

If I had trouble remembering how to finger a chord, Jordy would make a short video and send it to me. He wrote down a little lesson plan and sent it to me so that I would remember what to practice. When I needed to incorporate a new strum pattern, he made a quick video and sent it to me to practice along with.

To be honest, I learned more quickly from having these great instructional tools tailored just for me than if I had a teacher and a traditional guitar book. The quick videos Jordy sent kept me on track and helped me remember the concepts we were working on.

I am so thankful now to be able to play the guitar. I even led worship on the guitar last week! So much for old dogs not learning new tricks:)

Do video call lessons really work?  They did for me!

Not only that, but they have allowed me to help so many singers who would not have been able to get a vocal lesson from me in person. Video lessons are a technology win!!

Marjorie Searcy

Marjorie Searcy brings unique experience to the field of vocal coaching. She is a graduate of Belmont University in Nashville where she studied commercial voice and music education. Having performed everything from classical to country, rock and jazz, her emphasis is on providing singers with the technique to effectually communicate the style they enjoy.

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