Snow White sang, “ I’m wishing for the one I love to find me” and OK, wishing eventually worked out for her but, don’t count on it working for your music career! Wishing you can sing something you can’t, just won’t make magically happen.

I can’t tell you how many singers stay stuck and below their potential vocally because they wish instead of work.

Accept and Enhance

The real hard part of moving away from wishing you sounded like someone that you don’t is accepting where you are and what you do sound like.  This also means embracing and enhancing what you do well.  My son, Jordy, is an exceptional singer.  He has a great range and great vocal ability. When he first started getting gigs around town at age fourteen, his range and ability’s were not quite as developed.  However, instead of wishing he could sing something he couldn’t, he developed a set of songs around what he could do.

He worked hard and would “woodshed” or work hard toward what he wanted to sound like while performing songs that were perhaps simpler but well within his abilities to perform well.  That’s working not wishing.

Don’t Waste Your Time Comparing Yourself to Others

That’s a trap that will never make you a better singer.  Don’t wish you sounded like someone else.  Accept where you are – what your range is, the style you can communicate authentically right now and get busy.  Get busy singing, writing , performing what you can do well right now.

And work. Work on moving your voice toward what you want to sound like. Instead of wasting your time comparing, work on Mastering Your Voice and Moving Your Audience. If you are ready to start, I have the tools to teach you how to master your voice.Learn the skills you need to sing the style you’ve been dreaming about.

With The Singers Workshop you’ll learn to sing through your break, have a great tone, sing in-tune, increase your range, learn healthy technique to avoid straining, protect your voice, and you’ll increase your power and confidence.

Let’s get to work with my vocal exercises and find the voice you’ve been wishing for!

Marjorie Searcy

Marjorie Searcy brings unique experience to the field of vocal coaching. She is a graduate of Belmont University in Nashville where she studied commercial voice and music education. Having performed everything from classical to country, rock and jazz, her emphasis is on providing singers with the technique to effectually communicate the style they enjoy.

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