For years my family has provided some music for The Light House Easter Eggstavaganza Easter Egg Hunt. It’s quite an event for hundreds of folks in Baldwin County held in Robertsdale, AL at a big park complete with eggs, chocolate, prizes, free food, local police dog demonstrations, door prizes, puppet shows, jumpy things, pony rides and a cake walk. Our job is to provide a sound system so all these fun events can be announced-especially the Cake Walk. We also provide live entertainment between events and for the cake walk. A cake walk is where folks walk around in a circle stepping on little Easter egg cut outs placed on the floor when the music begins. We have to …..wait for it…… stop our song at a given point so that a winner can be chosen. It’s a great performance tool for a singer since you literally can’t take yourself too seriously. There is usually a Light House official volunteer who helps us with this and tells us when it is time to stop and choose a lucky Bundt cake winner! You have to be prepared to curtail that giant Celine Dion high note at any point so that Sally Jane can retrieve that red velvet triple layer.

They originally invited me out to sing songs at the Easter egg hunt. I sang the songs that I was doing in concert at churches and at community events at the time. I also sang Disney tunes with my kids. My husband, George, played for us on the keyboard and when my oldest two were teenagers they began to showcase some of their on songwriting. Jordy and Liam even took it indoors one year on guitar and drums when the weather threatened to make the event impossible. It was the spring before Jordy debuted on The Voice. I should have mentioned that cake walk experience on the show, maybe we could have gotten a little more reality TV air time. Ha!

At first an Easter egg hunt as a gig seemed a little silly. Oh, I was glad to be there even if it was just to lend them our sound system. Honestly, they could have played to Hokey Pokey over the sound system for the cake walk and Aunt Bertha would have still gotten that strawberry cake with the fluff icing. But if they had, we would have missed out on what makes this Easter egg hunt different and special. It’s sponsored by the Light House Shelter for women and children which provides services for those who are or have suffered from physical or sexual abuse. To be sure, that’s not why families come. Its free, its fun and there are eggs, and chocolate swirl cakes to be won!

This Easter egg hunt is sponsored by folks who know what it’s like to not feel free. They know personally what it’s like for the children who have had to watch their mom being beaten. Most of them know what it is like to be abused themselves and to not be able to talk about it. The Light House sponsors this Easter egg hunt precisely so that folks can TALK ABOUT IT. The ladies and gents stuffing those eggs know the effort it takes to get away from an abuser. They know the pain and shame and financial hardship and legal battles. To be sure, this hunt is ALL fun and games. It’s literally a walk in the park. It’s precisely a walk in the park so that those in desperate circumstances who have no where to turn can see the hope of the Light House. They are hope for the desperate. The hope is that maybe just the name the LIGHT HOUSE will be remembered by that little boy or that mom who thinks she has no one to help her, no where else to go. I know what it is like to feel like you have no where to go, no one who can help, no one you can tell, no one to protect you or your mom. So for me, the Light House Easter Eggstavaganza hunt has become one of my favorite performances of the year. So, stop me during my favorite tune for that carrot cake. I don’t mind.

If you are in the area I hope you will come out to the Easter egg hunt this year and hear my family perform as well as several of my wonderful voice students. If not, find a shelter in your area. They just might have a cake walk you can participate in and bring a little joy to a mom or kid who really needs it.

The 13th Annual Easter Eggstravaganza, sponsored by The Lighthouse of Baldwin County, will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Friday, April 14th, 2017 at Garrett Park in Robertsdale, AL. The park is off Pennsylvania Street, just west of Alabama Hwy. 59 and a few blocks north of Alabama Hwy. 104.

Marjorie Searcy

Marjorie Searcy brings unique experience to the field of vocal coaching. She is a graduate of Belmont University in Nashville where she studied commercial voice and music education. Having performed everything from classical to country, rock and jazz, her emphasis is on providing singers with the technique to effectually communicate the style they enjoy.

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