Summer Singing Quick Fix

Want to Sing Better Today? Watch your self in front of a mirror as you sing.  There are lots of problems you can correct just by watching yourself! Things to Notice Are you opening your mouth enough? Are you doing anything that looks strange or uncomfortable? Are you breathing correctly? (You shoulders should be down.)…

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The Cake Walk Gig

For years my family has provided some music for The Light House Easter Eggstavaganza Easter Egg Hunt. It’s quite an event for hundreds of folks in Baldwin County held in Robertsdale, AL at a big park complete with eggs, chocolate, prizes, free food, local police dog demonstrations, door prizes, puppet shows, jumpy things, pony rides…

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The Best Singing Tool You Already Own – The Mirror

You already own one of the most important tools that you need for becoming a great singer and you might not even know it! It is rare that I work with a singer who has no bad habits. Who doesn’t raise their chin slightly for a high note or wince their face a bit for…

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How to Become an Awesome Singer (Moving from Wishing to Working)

I’m sure I need to insert some pithy quote here. Maybe something about “working hard being everything” would be good.  We’ll pretty much, it is. I have heard that Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Doing nothing over and over again and expecting…

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Simple Singing Hack

Want to sing better right now?   Open your mouth! This week I had two actors who needed help prepping for their first ever singing auditions.  Both had never sung before and needed a solid 16 bar audition piece to help them secure a role in their first musical.  It was great fun but not entirely…

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