Why I Teach Jazz

Why would you not? Teaching jazz to singers is just a natural thing for me. My kids were all on a first name basis with Ella, Louis, BB, Nat, Harry, Billie and Tony and…. I am leaving out so many! I don’t teach jazz because it’s a dying art though it is totally worth preserving.…

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How to Warm Up Your Voice

I heard a county singer say that he warmed up his voice with a shot of whiskey and two cigarettes! Trust me, I’ve got a better plan! Warming up before a performance is absolutely crucial. The reasons are pretty obvious: You’ll sound better! The high notes will be easier to hit. You are less likely…

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Are Skype Lessons a Good Idea?

Technology has made lessons of all kinds available to folks all over the world.  Even Herbie Hancock and Christina Aguilera are now offering video lessons!  Real-time video chat lessons offer the ability to get a weekly lesson without having to leave your home. I’m 49 years old, and I learned to play the guitar by…

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How to Move from Wishing You Were a Great Singer to Becoming a Great Singer

Snow White sang, “ I’m wishing for the one I love to find me” and OK, wishing eventually worked out for her but, don’t count on it working for your music career! Wishing you can sing something you can’t, just won’t make magically happen. I can’t tell you how many singers stay stuck and below…

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Lay It All Down

Lay it all down. That’s what it felt like. Like I was laying down my gift, my job, in a way.  who I am. “Don’t sing… at all.”  “Be careful teaching… try not to sing.” That was my diagnoses after I lost my voice.

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