Marjorie Searcy's Middle Voice Method
The Secret to Great Singing

  The Middle Voice Method



The Middle Voice Method (MVM):

A Complete Vocal Coaching System


7 voice lessons on the basics of singing

10 advanced vocal lessons that tackle the 10 most common problems singers face


  • Easy to use vocal exercises to warm-up and workout your voice

  • Individual vocal workout and warm-up exercises for men and women

  • Exercises to expand your range, strengthen your voice, learn to sing in tune, how to use vibrato, how to sing through your "break" and much more



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Here is an overview of the audio lessons; lessons that students of this method pay $100/hour or more to learn. You will grow as a singer like never before. Take a look at the thumbnail sketches of these great lessons.

 Introduction to the Middle Voice Method

 Breath Support and Control; Belly Breathing

The first lesson gives simple and valuable instruction on the breathing technique singers need to utilize. Often called belly breathing or diaphragmatic breathing, great breath support and control is essential to creating a powerful controlled singing voice.

 Vocal Registers: Head, Chest & The Middle Voice

Learn what your vocal registers are, how to connect your breaks and create a beautiful consistent tone through out all of your range. This lesson focuses on blending the registers and lengthening the vocal range.

 Expanding the Range

Lesson 4 introduces the great range expanders - the lip roll and the tongue trill. These are awesome exercises for singing higher and lower than you ever have before.

 Middle Voice: The Blend of Head & Chest Voices

Marjorie’s story of finally finding the connection between the head voice and chest voice registers. This lesson includes examples of head, chest and middle voice on the same note.

 Understanding and Using Vibrato

This is a simple straightforward approach to finding and taming the vibrato. Learning to control vibrato and use straight tone can really help a singer communicate a song effectively. Lesson 6 includes great exercises for vibrato and straight tone.

 Vocal Care Tips for Singers

Practical steps to help you take care of your voice. Included in this lesson:

  • Warm-up routines 
  • How much water to drink? 
  • Eliminating straining 
  • Visual clues to great singing 
  • Experiment and eliminate bad habits 


 Mark Harris

MARK HARRIS - 8 time Dove Award Winner

I have worked with Marjorie on many occasions and have always been impressed with her teaching technique and her knowledge as a vocal instructor.  She is a fabulous vocalist as well.  Quite frankly, I think she is at the top her field!


You Also Receive:

10 Advanced Lessons Addressing



In addition to the foundational lessons in the Middle Voice Method, you will receive the The Top 10 Problems Singers Face and How to Solve Them. After years of expert instruction and gleaning from thousands of students' experience, common problems emerged. The solutions to these 10 most common problems are taught in detail. Here's what you will learn.

 The TOP 10 Problems Singers Face 

& How to Solve Them

Clear and concise exercises are introduced as well as tips and examples to improve the voice and overcome the most common difficulties that singers encounter. This program is guaranteed to improve your range, tone and flexibility and to help you enjoy a life time of great singing. 

 Vocal Registers

Here is a great overview of the vocal registers before we tackle the 10 problems. Marjorie gives brief descriptions of the Head, Chest and Middle Voice.

 No Power

Many singers struggle with having a weak tone and not a lot of power or volume. By connecting our singing voice to our speaking voce we can tap into a natural and strain-free full tone. Examples of how to connect speaking and singing voice. Sample practice exercise for a confident beautiful sound.

 Stress and Strain

Singers strain when the engage external muscles to do the work of the internal vocal folds. Signs of strain are tightening of the jaw, raising or lowering the chin and tension in the neck or chest or facial muscles

 How to Last

This lesson gives the singer several tips to help his or her last note sound as strong, robust and painless as the first.

 Expanding the Vocal Range

A consistent challenging workout that is free of stress and strain will increase range, flexibility and control. Explore uncharted territory in your vocal range with the lip roll.

 Chest Voice Trap

This lesson helps singers who regularly “pull-up" notes in their chest voice. It offers help and relief for singers who strain by trying to sing too high in their chest voice. This lesson gives great examples and exercises for finding the mixed voice. Singers will also hear examples of the chest and middle voice. Listen and sing these examples and you will be on your way to connecting your registers with a smooth, consistent and healthy sound.

 Weak Head Voice

Innovative sounds to connect you to your head voice. Tips for strengthening your head voice and working out your upper range.

 Stuck in a “Classical Head Voice”

Finding and using the chest voice can be new and awkward if a singer has primarily used their head voice. These tips and exercises will help you expand your range and gain power and control on the lower notes of your register.

 Vibrato and Straight Tone

This discussion about how and when a singer should use vibrato could quickly change the way you sing. This lesson includes the 1-2-3-4-5 exercise example on straight tone, vibrato and the combination of the two.

 Tips for Getting Those Low Notes

This quick little tip can help you gain a note or two in that lower register. Remember to speak it, not to force it.

 Get Over Your Voice

It is all about the lyrics. Learn to communicate the song and create a powerful connection with your audience.

 Motivation to Work On Your Voice

Your voice is guaranteed to improve with these methods and exercises.  Will you make the commitment to discovering your potential?


Training Your Voice

Do you remember learning to ride a bike? It was no fun at first. Falling down, getting back up, falling down, getting back up, etc., etc. There were tears. There were skinned knees. There were, hopefully, encouraging words from your parents. Then, all of a sudden, a light bulb went off in your body and you could do it. Your muscles were TRAINED and your brain was TRAINED to ride a bike. It was like flying! And from that moment you never forgot how to do it. 

It is same with your voice. Once you experience the Middle Voice, your throat and vocal cords, brain and mouth and everything else that is involved in singing will start to work together. You have a new skill that you have trained  your voice to acomplish and you will have it forever. 

Fortunately for you, you won’t have to hit the pavement and skin your knees to develop this skill. Just a 30 minutes a day for several days in a row and you WILL learn. It is not hard. You can do it in your car, in your home, wherever you can get a few minutes and those around you don’t mind you making weird sounds! It’s as simple as that. 


The Middle Voice Method:

The Secret to Great Singing

Are you ready to get started? Are you ready for an adventure? A new singing voice awaits you.  Learn the technique and sing the exercises. Don’t be discouraged if the exercises feel strange at first. Just be faithful to work-out your voice with them. It won’t be long before the light bulb goes off and you are singing with confidence in your Middle Voice.

For private voice lessons I charge $100/hour, more when I travel. I am confident that my method works and that I am giving my clients a great value. I work hard and give my clients 100%. Even in my small town, I have a waiting list. But it does take several lessons to start seeing the progress I expect. The good news for you is that I have distilled the essentials of what I teach into what amounts to 4 CDs of material—teaching and vocal work-outs for about half the cost of 1 lesson!  


How Does It Work?

Does merely learning about The Middle Voice Method automatically improve your singing?  As important as it is to learn the right things, like an athelete, improvement will not happen without consistent practice. We've made that easy for you. You'll get easy to understand instruction and seperate warm-up and work-outs for men and women.

In addition to the the Middle Voice Method Complete Workout, you will receive the The Top 10 Problems Singers Face and How to Solve Them Complete Workout. These exercises are tailored to address the 10 most common problems singers face with laser-like precision. Steady application of these exercises will conquer these vocal challenges.


Mignon Grabois


MIGNON GRABOIS - Award winning singer & student at the Nashville School of Performing Arts

I discovered Marjorie Searcy's "Middle Voice Method" quite by accident. I'd been having tremendous difficulties with cracking on big notes and not being able to sing the belting notes I used to sing with no problem. Sometimes after a challenging song, my throat would hurt and occasionally I would even be hoarse. I felt hopeless until I happened upon Marjorie's website. I remember thinking it would be some kind of miracle to find someone who actually understood the problems I was going through with my voice. I immediately bought and downloaded all of Marjorie's exercises and singing tips and knew, after a few days of using them, I was on the right track to gaining back my vocal range and ability to sustain those difficult big notes without hurting my voice or compromise on tone. Not only did Marjorie's exercises make me sound better, but they taught me the correct way to sing without straining. She made me realize it's really very simple if you understand the middle voice and how to use it correctly.  

When I met with Marjorie for a face to face voice lesson, her kindness, dedication, and understanding set her apart from all the other voice teachers I've had. Before we met, I had no idea what the middle or mixed voice was and how important it is for a singer. I'm so thankful for Marjorie's help because without her I'd probably still be singing the wrong way and still frustrated with my voice problems. Thanks Marjorie for bringing my voice back and making me sound great! 



As an added bonus, we have included an informative and insider look at the practical tools you need to be a great singer; strategies and information that can help you get a jump on the competition from talent shows to getting gigs. Chapters include the following:

American Idol Auditions

Vocal Cords

What to Sing: The Identity Crisis

The Talent Show

Singers Wanted: How to Get Singing Jobs

Vocal Technique: If I Learn to Classical Vocal Technique, Will I Be Able to Sing Any Style Well?

Improve Your Singing Range

Vocal Exercises

Become a Singer/Songwriter

How to Sing the High Notes


60 Day Guarantee


If you are not 100% satisfied with The Middle Voice Method, we will refund your purchase price in full for up to 60 days. That's right, you have a full 60 days to try it out and see if you are not making progress in your singing voice. We are so confident in the techniques taught in The Middle Voice Method, that we KNOW you will improve. So, take it for a test drive for a full 60 days!

Keeping the no-risk guarantee in mind, private instruction in this method costs $100 per hour or more. Take advantage of a lifetime of learning with this one time purchase. You will experience great benefit for many years.

No shipping costs. 

No waiting-you can be listening to the lessons in minutes!  

It's over the internet, so no worries over the product being damaged or lost in the mail.  

You can own The Middle Voice Method at a low price because its a lower cost for us to produce.  

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BONUS #3                                                                     The Top 10 Problems Singers Face and How to Solve Them Complete Workout



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