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Don't Forget to Breathe

This little issue gets overlooked. Singers who are alive are breathing, just sometimes not in a way that is really beneficial for supporting a vibrant, cool sounding tone. It's more fun to jump to singing the song and assume that the diaphragmatic breathing that we learned in 9th grade choir is still working for us. Let’s assume that it is. You aren't lifting up your chest and sucking in your tummy. (too bad-that will get you nowhere fast). (more)


"Two Adeles" or How to Sing with Guts, Power and Emotion

It was an interesting week at my studio. Two very talented clients sang an Adele song for me.                                                      

A perky prodigy, a boy of ten who usually wows folks with musical theatre roles. Excitedly he said,
"Can I sing an Adele song for you? Every note of "Rollin in the Deep" was in tune and but (let's just put aside that he is 10 year old singing about gut-renching heartbreak) why didn't it work? (more)

Singing in Tune
Thoughts about singing “In Tune”:


You can be really cute, have great licks, even interpret the lyric well, but if you can’t sing in tune, we don’t wanna hear you.


So many of my young singers struggle with being pitchy. (which means missing the note by either being too high - sharp, or too low - flat.) There are some practical things that you can do to improve your pitch!! more...



I had the pleasure of watching my 14 year old son sing for a festival this weekend. He was amazing. Just him and his guitar, under some shade trees, on a little stage, by the bay. I think it was the first set he'd ever done that was composed of more than 2 songs. He played his guitar, a little harmonica and sang his heart out. He's a natural-it just looks like it comes easy to him. more....


Voice Lessons

I often get asked, “How long will I need to take voice lessons?”

Usually when people ask me this they mean “How long will it take until I sound good?”

Hopefully your voice and your understanding of your voice will grow to the place when you will just need a check up now and then to keep everything working well. I guess the answer to the question depends on what your definition of good is. It also depends on what you want to do with your voice. more...