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How Song Mapping Can Make You Awesome

song mapA few years back my husband was featured on an Integrity Music recording. They rehearsed and then recorded two full live albums in one night: 24 songs. George wrote and performed two of them.  The players were flawless. He told me that he asked the drummer how he was able to remember every cue and every punch for 24 songs. The drummer told him something I will never forget. He said, “I don’t remember anything. I have everything written down.  I just read the chart.”  This was such an awesome confession. It totally demystified this very talented drummer. He wasn’t just a freak of nature, he was a talented, hardworking professional who took the time to write out every cue and practice them so that his playing was nearly perfect.

It changed the way I worked on my songs. I developed Song Mapping. Here’s how it works.Continue Reading