Jordy’s on “The Voice”!

the voice season 7We have had a secret for so long.  Our son, Jordy Searcy,  auditioned for The Voice!  The “Blinds” premiere on Monday, September 22, 2014.  We hope you will tune in to see Jordy’s audition.  We are so proud of him and all the work he has done.  Jordy is a tremendous songwriter (Can I say that? I am his mom.)  His lyrics are inspiring and often filled with wisdom beyond his years.  He’s been into music as long as he has been alive. I think he has known since elementary school that this is what he was born to do.  He sounds a little like John Mayer meets Jon Foreman, with some Ed Sheeran and Mat Kearney kind of a bluesy, folky, pop sound mixed in.  He has been singing around our town for years. We are so happy that now you guys will get to hear him too!

What I Learned from Classical Voice Lessons

pavarottiIt was never my desire to become a classical singer or to sing in an opera, but I am so glad I had the opportunity to study with some wonderful classical teachers and star in an opera once in college.

When I was 15 my mom found a voice teacher for me at the local college.

Dr. Sharon Mabry was a wonderful singer and teacher, it was awesome to study with her while still in high school. Later I studied with Marjorie Halbert at Belmont University and learned what it meant to sing with a beautiful expressive tone. Here are 3 important tools that made a lasting effect on my voice:

How to Choose 16 Bars for an Audition

auditionsOften singers are required to bring 16 bars of music to an audition. If your audition requires this, it means you need to actually bring in the printed sheet music that the accompanist will play for you.

Choose 16 measures of the song that you would most like to sing and that makes you sound your best.  Choose the section that shows off your range and personality.

My Lesson with Mackenzie

This terrific young singer, Mackenzie, has been taking voice in my studio this summer and I’m so glad that I have an opportunity to work with her.

What’s so nice about Mackenzie is that she loves to sing and has such a fun time doing it.  She looks very serious here at this rehearsal but trust me she is a normal fun-loving kid.

I love that she is learning to use her voice so well. She’s only 9 years old, but she works really hard to avoid strain. She has eliminated singing through her nose which is such a pit fall for lots of singers, especially younger girls.

Notice how she sings in her mix and gets a nice free warm tone without pulling up. Great lesson Mackenzie. Live out Loud!