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Master Your Voice. Move Your Audience.

Do you want to reach your potential as a singer and performer? Do you want to create moments and communicate your songs so well that your audience can’t help but be moved? Then you’ve come to the right place. Vocal coach Marjorie Searcy can give you the tools you need to succeed.

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Marjorie Searcy brings unique experience to the field of vocal coaching. She is a graduate of Belmont University in Nashville where she studied commercial voice and music education. Having performed everything from classical to country, rock and jazz, her emphasis is on providing singers with the technique to effectually communicate the style they enjoy.

Marjorie is a gifted instructor with the ability to help singers work through their breaks, gain control, flexibility and support. Marjorie's method will give you real manageable steps that will actually change and improve the way you sing. Marjorie has coached many students to award winning prominence. Her students include recording artists, professional songwriters and entertainers, and scholarship winners.

Benefits From Working With Marjorie

  • Increased Range

    Add as much as an octave to your range through simple proven exercises and techniques.

  • Improved Tone & Intonation

    Marjorie’s method focuses on helping you to make your unique voice polished and professional.

  • Create A Moving Performance

    Learn to communicate lyrics better, know your audience and make your performance memorable.

  • Gain Confidence

    Mastering your voice and moving your audience will cause your confidence to soar.


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